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Welcome to The Smart Scale Group of Companies, a collection of firms united by our commitment to using sustainable building products, superior building methods, and innovative construction materials.

Our group includes three companies, each with their own unique focus and expertise.

Smart Scale Development specializes in sustainable urban developments, while Smart Scale Building Solutions offers a wide range of sustainable building products and solutions. Finally, Smart Scale Tiny Homes/Accessory Dwelling Units specializes in small-scale, sustainable living solutions, such as Garden Suites and Laneway Homes.


Together, our companies form a powerful force in the sustainable building industry, dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for all.

Under Construction

Our website is still under construction!

Please be patient while we update our site with more current projects & information.

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Company Overview

Smart Scale Group of Companies is a forward-thinking group of companies who are dedicated to serving the public by providing innovating building solutions to the marketplace, developing land and properties with sustainable building solutions and sharing our passion for innovative building solutions.

Our group is composed of three firms, each with their own unique skills and expertise, but all sharing the same focus on superior building techniques and products.


We use advanced Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and other differentiating building products & processes to improve the strength, quality and energy efficiency of our construction projects.


Our team of experienced professionals, with a dedication to customer service, and our commitment to green building practices set us apart from other building firms. At Smart Scale, we are striving to create a better future through innovative and sustainable building solutions.

Smart Scale Organizations

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For any questions or inquiries directly related to the Smart Scale Group of Companies, please reach out via out Contact Page.


Smart Scale Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes & Accessory Dwellings;

 Build Healthier, Safer & Stronger.

Build Faster. Build for the Future.


633 Enfield Road, Burlington, Ontario, Canada. L7T2X9.


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